Sunday, December 7, 2014



     Thank you to Dr. Strange, and the entire EDM310 staff. I know that this course can be intense and I think that I made it out strongly, and I will absolutely be taking what I learned from this course to my classroom. I am happy to say that I survived EDM310 and will continue to learn and grow from here.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Blog Post #5 Part B

PLN's and Using Them Effectively


     When we first started learning about Personal Learning Networks or PLN's, I had no idea what they were. I was confused by the fact that students across the world knew what they were and had better ones than anything I had ever seen. I am still developing my PLN through this course but I have definitely seen an improvement. Originally my PLN consisted of the few teachers I kept in contact with from my old schools. However, now I am contacting teachers from around the world. I have commented and contacted teachers and students with very different learning experiences than my own, and that has helped me grow in my profession. I believe that if I had not started doing the c4c, c4k, or c4t's my PLN would be drastically different, and for that, I am thankful for a learning experience. I am still using twitter and blogging to follow different EDU accounts and chats to keep my PLN growing.

C4T's for Nov

 C4T's for November

scabble blocks

C4T 11/27
Mathew Needlemen
Creating lifelong learners:
Moving Beyond the Personal Narrative

In this post Mr. Needlemen used a post written by a different educator. This post however, gave me great ideas to bring to my future classroom. Oushing beyond the personal narrative at a young age and allowing students to open their imaginations up and explore. He gives examples of showing paintings or photos of historical pieces, and by using open ended questions, we can explore these photos and let the writings begin. I think that Mr. Needlemen has very good posts and that they bring up some great ideas. In this post, I thanked him for his writings and told him I would definitely be bringing this back into my class and told him how he could reach me at my blog.

C4t /11/16
Mathew Needlemen
Creating lifelong learners:
Clarifying Questions in the Common Core Classroom

In this post Mr. Needlemen is bringing up the idea of open ended questions. He says that by using open ended questions, we can have more detailed answers and the students can elaborate even more. I explained who I was and that we were commenting on teacher's blogs. I also said how I agree with his points about the open ended questions instead of just regurgitating information. I left my name and blog in case he wanted to look into it.