Sunday, October 26, 2014

C4K's for October

 Comments on Kid's blogs for October

10/1- Deneen's blog
    Deneen's blog was a little difficult to understand at first. He was arguing for telling the truth. That's what I got from it. There was a lot of grammar mistakes making it difficult to read. I told Deneen how to fix these mistakes and that I agreed with his statements. There was not much for me to comment on because it was only a few sentences, but I felt like he understood I wasn't correcting him out of rudeness but to help. I explained how he could contact me and how I came to find his blog.

10/6- Andrew's Blog
    Andrew wrote about students losing recess break for misbehaving. Some of his classmates disagreed but I agreed with Andrew. He said that if students are misbehaving then they should lose recess play time, because recess is a reward and if students cannot act accordingly in class then they don't deserve to get to run and play. Andrew had a few spelling errors but other than that his blog was good. I told him I didn't see very many errors and left him notes on how he could easily fix them. Andrew has a good mind set. I left him my blog info to contact me and let him know who I was and what the idea is behind us blogging and commenting on student blogs.

10/19 -Ikechi's Blog
    Ikechi had such a great short story called "The Magical Bite". He wrote a story about disobeying parents. It was a short story where a young boy ate a rotten apple and he became, quite literally, a "rotten apple"! He became "bad" is how Ikechi described him. His language was so descriptive it was hard to believe he was only in 5th grade. I told him how much I enjoyed reading his story and it definitely made me never want to disobey my parents again! I left my blog information and followed back up on his comment.

10/26-  Elizabeth's Blog
   Elizabeth is in grade 6 at Pt. England school in Aukland New Zealand. This week she wrote a blog on how to protect your skin from sun damage. She had very good points and said that everyone should be wearing hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.  She even had the hours listed that were the most dangerous to people's skin because of the sun's height in the sky at that point. These kids are very smart and know how to write a quality blog post. The only thing I noted that she was missing was a space between a couple words. I told her how to catch me at my blog and that I really enjoyed hers and I agreed with all her statements!

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