Sunday, August 24, 2014

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What About EDM310?

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What are some of the things you've heard about the class EDM310?
      Initially I had heard that EDM310 was one of the hardest courses I would take throughout my time in the College of Education. Honestly, It's a little nerve racking. I think that people get so worried about doing courses that are around 75% online because it means they will have to do more on their own.  I've heard that a lot of this course is "teach yourself" style but that that is what is necessary for this class. After the first day I felt a little more comfortable knowing that a lot of the course is social media based, and I feel very comfortable in the social media world.

What fears do you have about EDM310?
     Some of my fears for this course, are that I will over-stress the fact that there aren't any physical grades and that everything is self evaluated. I tend to be very hard on myself in school and having no experience in this style course before, I am a little concerned.

Comparing EDM310 to previous courses
       Honestly, I have never had a course like this before. Most teachers get upset if you're caught on your phone in the class and this one almost encourages it! The fact that you communicate with people throughout the world via one small course can have a great impact on your future. I have not ever really been in many"teach yourself" courses. I have had experience with online classes though and I thoroughly enjoyed them, so hopefully this will be the same.

What will be the most difficult thing about EDM310 for me,  personally..?
     I think that the most difficult parts about his class for myself will be, constantly checking the class blog because I can become sidetracked easily. I'm hoping that with my time management becoming better and better that I will enjoy this course and use it throughout the rest of my career as an educator.

What questions do you still have left about EDM310?
      I don't think I have many questions left about EDM310, at this moment. Only because, right now, we are still at the beginning stages and I feel as though we can answer a lot of our own questions just by participating in class and looking at the EDM310 blog.

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  1. And now you have a post with a link on the Class Blog!

    Welcome to EDM310!