Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blog Post #12

Assistive Technologies in the Class

     This week's blog post was a little different. Blog post #12 was a collaborative group post. Fortunately for us, our group consists of two people: Myself, and Callie Barton. In this post we decided to create a slideshow showing off the new technologies we learned about this week and how we can use them in the classroom to assist with hearing and visually impaired students. By using different research engines we were both able to come up with similar ideas and tools after watching the videos assigned. I worked on the general tools that most students would encounter on a day to day basis in a technologically advanced class, along with finding different statistics about visually and hearing impaired students. Callie worked to go into depth about the many ways we can use our apple products for these students. I can honestly say I never knew my ipad could be used in such a way. We both found videos that we found very useful for this project and decided to add them in. By using Google Slides and Skype we were able to collaborate on this project and get it done in no time. The outcome was this great slideshow... enjoy!

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