Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blog Post #3


Peer editing

     Ive heard of peer editing before, but did not know there were specific rules that needed to be followed. The rules make sense though. If we do not use peer editing effectively then many people's works would go unedited until it gets to the teacher's desk. 

     So what is  peer editing? Peer editing is the review of one another's work. There are only a few rules to keep up with while doing peer reviews. Keeping positive is one of the most important. Think about if you were doing a blog post, and someone is rude about how their comment is. If someone is rude and completely negative about the post, its going to make you feel as though your posts aren't as good, and then they will not be as thorough. By keeping positive, you allow the author to still feel as though they had good ideas, and that with the help of your reviews, their post will be a great one!

     I loved the last video "Writing Peer Reviews: Top 10 Mistakes"!!( Link Here). It was so cute, and funny! I knew about the Negative Nancy, and Mean Margret. but I didn't know about some of the others. What a great way to show students, all the different ways that they could be effective but not overly assertive or upsetting. I think that I saw a few examples I could relate to.... looks like I'll be fixing those!


  1. Jennifer, instead of putting "link here", put the title of the article or video the link is going to take us too :) good post!

  2. Jennifer,
    I'm glad i'm not the only one that didn't know there were rules for peer editing! And I agree, its best to get a peer to help you edit instead of submitting a paper to the teacher with no help whatsoever! Its good that you recognize you have made the mistakes and want to fix them, I'm the same way! Nice post, thanks!