Monday, September 15, 2014

C4T #1 Summary

Comments on Teachers' Blogs

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      My teacher assigned to me for C4T these past two weeks has been Diane Krause. Her blog is known as Diane's Digital Discoveries. She is a teacher that posts every now and then, about links that she finds that can help teachers (and students) make their way throughout the technology race. The last two posts she has are pretty dated, but are still great blog posts.

      Her first post that I commented on was about using Comics in the classroom. She used the site HistoryComics to show how using comics in the class can be entertaining. Her post was from June 25th. When I left a comment I told her how I really enjoyed reading her blog and how it was very organized. I would really love to see my blog turn out like hers is. Everything flows together very well. I left her my name and explained what class I was in and the assignment to comment on her post. I then left her a comment with my name and blog address in case she wanted to reach me.

      When I commented on her second post, this one was a little more fitting to this class. The second post was all about a group called EveryoneOn that focuses on trying to get everyone a computer with low cost Internet connection at highspeed rates. She believes this can separate some of the gap the technology race has given us. I agree 100%! I think this site is a great one and it definitely gave me an insight into the numbers of people that use a computer vs the numbers that have access to one. Had I not been assigned her blog, I would not have ever known about EveryoneOn and I think its a really good tool/site to keep in mind for future use. This time I added my twitter, my blog and my name with my comment. This post was from May 24th.

      I don't think Ms. Diane gets on her blog regularly but I am looking forward to hearing back from her! :)

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