Sunday, September 28, 2014

C4K's for September

 Comments for Kids

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 9/14- Isara..
Isara's blog post was on "Heal the world". Isara and friends made a video and posted it to vimeo to prove self management, and how they would "heal the world"..."
I told him that the video looked great and I really did enjoy it. The acting in it made me laugh because it was a bunch of boys being boys. His project was really good, and it took a lot of effort. I told him that I thought it was really neat that we were so far away and that we could still talk like we were in the same room! Isara is all the way in New Zealand!

Isara's blog

9/21- Ariana
My student assigned is Ariana. She is in High School(?) at JHFI class of 2015. Meaning she is a senior this year? I could not find much out about the school itself, so I am not quite sure if she is a senior or not. Her blog assignment was "Making my mark on the world". She had a good post, but lots of missing capitalization. I told her how well her blog looked and that it was a good post, but that she may want to revisit those words but that other than that it was really good.
I told her who I was and how I was going to school to be a teacher, and the program we are in allows us to check in at other blogs.
Ariana's blog

9/28- Madeline E
 Madeline's blog this week was about hard work vs. talent and what she thought was more important. She was very thorough in explaining why hard work is more important and used great quotes from Magic Johnson and Roger Staubach! I agreed with her that hard work and dedication were definitely more important than talent, and that talent can only bring you so far. I also explained where I was from and what I was studying and how she could contact me back. 
Madeline's blog 

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