Sunday, September 14, 2014

Project #15 Post

Using Different Search Engines

Different search engines
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WolframAlpha: First, I love the background. I love that you can click on anything on their page and it gives you a question or something you can learn about. I never knew this search engine existed (sorry, I'm a google user). So far it seems very easy to use though. I love how it brings you straight to your search with a quick answer. I searched "oldest living person" and it took me to what looks like a wiki page. I like this one..... By the way, her name is Misawo Okawa and she is 116 years old.

DOGPILE: Dogpile is more of a search engine finder/link. This search engine searches things with your search in title and takes you to similar searches. It takes its searches from Google and Yahoo. Honestly, wouldn't recommend this one unless you need help looking for other links.

ASK: Originally was known as It had a little butler named Jeeves that "searched" for you. When you first log on to Ask, it offers you a "question of the day". I think that this ties in greatly with our latest blog post (haha). I really like using Ask, because you can choose different themes, and that reminds me of my childhood using Jeeves. As far as the searching itself is concerned, its okay. I would rate is a 3 out of 5 for use. It gives you good links but the feel of it now is very cluttered.

Yahoo!: Typically I use Yahoo for my searches about music or news. Yahoo has a constant flow of hot topics and trending articles at the top of the page that I always seem to click on no matter of their relevance to my search. I love using yahoo because it is fast and can be comparable to Google.

BING: Bing should be on everyone's list of search engines by now. Bing is great. Its really not advertised as much as it used to be but it really is a great search engine. Even from the homepage it has a ton of life to it. The background images are overwhelmingly beautiful and you can share the web page itself from the click of a button. Bing is super easy to use and I would definitely continue to use it throughout the course.

CrunchBase: Crunchbase is a great site for searching about people. If you type in Steve Jobs,  it will immediately show you one of his most iconic photos, tell you where he went to school, what all companies he helped found, and many personal notes, on top of news articles involving him and or his companies. Crunchbase is set up to look similar to a resume.

AOL: AOL has been around for a very long time. It used to be its own company but is now owned by Google search. It is a google based search engine and serves as just that. It does fine when it comes to the actual search itself, but is lacking in presentation and is very boring. This search engine does not really give you all that you are looking for.

Cha Cha: Cha Cha is considered a "social search" engine because it has people that answer all of the questions for you. One of the main lines is "Stay Curious. Question Everything." How relevant to this weeks post. Cha Cha answers your questions as if you are asking someone in person. It's a great site for fast answers to questions. They also have a great app that's really easy to use also. I would definitely recommend this engine.

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